Goodark Semiconductor
Good-Ark Semiconductor 3KW-5KW Transient Voltage Suppressors
For sensitive circuit protection against voltage surges and power switching
Good-Ark Semiconductor introduces 3KW-5KW TVS Series in industry standard DO-214AB (SMC) and P600 or R-6 through-hole packages. This TVS series is designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment from transient voltage surges and is ideal for low-frequency signal line protection. Key applications include protection of I/O interfaces, DC power buses and other vulnerable circuits used in consumer electronics, industrial and LED lighting applications.
  • Peak pulse power capability: 3000W - 5000W
  • Reverse Stand-Off Voltage: 5.0V-250V
  • Fast response time: typically less than 1.0ps
  • Low leakage current
  • Available in unidirectional and bidirectional
  • Glass passivated chip junction
  • Low incremental surge resistance
  • Excellent clamping capability
  • Reliable, easy degradation
  • Telecommunication
  • LED Lighting
  • Computer
  • Industrial
  • Consumer electronics
TVS-featuredP600-R-6.png P600 or R-6
3KP Series
5KP Series
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